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Who We Are

GCMR is an organization of highly experienced professionals assisting companies to address ESG and compliance risk issues in a practical, efficient and effective manner.  GCMR is unique in that many of its professionals held key leadership roles in widely recognized business, government, NGO and finance related organizations.

This experience allows GCMR to understand and take into consideration the internal workings and external requirements of global businesses.  Working closely with internal teams, GCMR helps organizations around the world determine how best to structure compliance and reporting related efforts in an easy-to-implement and understand manner; always tailored to the organization’s business and global footprint.  Whether you are a large global company, or a small to mid-sized company, GCMR has the ESG and compliance solutions for you.

The GCMR Team includes principals and affiliated professionals with significant expertise in the following areas; ESG reporting, anti-corruption, anti-trust, immigration, customs, export controls, sanctions, employment/labor, mergers and acquisitions, logistics, human rights issues and data privacy.  Importantly, GCMR Team Members are directly involved in training development, university level academic research and education, and developing/implementing state-of-the-art compliance related technology.  

GCMR Team members also have extensive experience in assessing legal risks and related requirements, implementing systems to address those, auditing/investigating areas for continuous improvement (or issues of concern) and assisting in developing recommendations.  

GCMR has developed a close network of highly qualified professionals that can be engaged to addresss additional areas of legal or country riskGCMR Team members who are lawyers maintain their legal certifications.  Therefore, in many jurisdictions, client communications and work product can be Attorney-Client privileged. 

In summary, engaging GCMR professionals to assist in your ESG or compliance related efforts will supplement and complement your internal resources to help ensure that these important issues are properly addressed, on a global basis.