Who We Are

GCMR is an organization of highly experienced professionals assisting companies to address ESG and compliance risk issues in a practical, efficient and effective manner.  GCMR is unique in that many of its professionals held key leadership roles in widely recognized business, government, NGO and finance related organizations.

This experience allows GCMR to understand and take into consideration the internal workings and external requirements of global businesses.  Working closely with internal teams, GCMR helps organizations around the world determine how best to structure compliance and reporting related efforts in an easy-to-implement and understand manner; always tailored to the organization’s business and global footprint.  Whether you are a large global company, or a small to mid-sized company, GCMR has the ESG and compliance solutions for you.

The GCMR Team includes principals and affiliated professionals with significant expertise in the following areas; ESG reporting, anti-corruption, anti-trust, immigration, customs, export controls, sanctions, employment/labor, mergers and acquisitions, logistics, human rights issues and data privacy.  Importantly, GCMR Team Members are directly involved in training development, university level academic research and education, and developing/implementing state-of-the-art compliance related technology.  

GCMR Team members also have extensive experience in assessing legal risks and related requirements, implementing systems to address those, auditing/investigating areas for continuous improvement (or issues of concern) and assisting in developing recommendations.  

GCMR has developed a close network of highly qualified professionals that can be engaged to addresss additional areas of legal or country risk.  GCMR Team members who are lawyers maintain their legal certifications.  Therefore, in many jurisdictions, client communications and work product can be Attorney-Client privileged. 

In summary, engaging GCMR professionals to assist in your ESG or compliance related efforts will supplement and complement your internal resources to help ensure that these important issues are properly addressed, on a global basis. 

Let us together build a flourishing business

GCMR Team members also have extensive experience in assessing legal risks and related requirements, implementing systems to address those, auditing/investigating areas for continuous improvement (or issues of concern) and assisting in developing recommendations.


Note:  GCMR Members can be either on Active or Associated status which may change from time to time based on other work-related commitments or projects.

Lloydette Bai-Marrow

Lloydette Bai-Marrow (“Lloydette”), a UK Solicitor Advocate, has extensive compliance and investigation experience.  As a former Principal Investigative Lawyer within the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), she provided legal advice and leadership on top tier UK and international cases of fraud and corruption.  Lloydette was the primary case lawyer for the second ever Deferred Prosecution Agreement entered into by the SFO.

Prior to joining the SFO, Lloydette held legal positions at the UK Crown Prosecution Service and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Lloydette was also a Business Manager at the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office (London).

In addition to anti-corruption, fraud and customs, Lloydette is a legal expert in extradition, proceeds of crime and human rights. Lloydette has also provided training on anti-money laundering and the prevention and investigation of fraud.

Lloydette has important project management experience.  One example of a project Lloydette led was to manage a UK Digital Forensics Unit Project to obtain ISO Standard 17025 accreditation for the Unit’s imaging and acquisition processes.

Another project involves the recent DFID-funded Rule of Law Expertise Programme in Sierra Leone, Africa.  Lloydette led education and process improvement efforts with the Sierra Leone national Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Judiciary.  Lloydette has also been involved in educational efforts with the Central Vigilance Commission of India and the Bosnia and Herzegorvina Foreign & Commonwealth Fellowship Programme.

Since 2017 Lloydette has been using her extensive compliance, investigation, training, process evaluation and improvement (including ISO) and project management expertise to provide counsel and services to companies, institutions and governments.

Lloydette is a Visiting Lecturer at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna where she lectures on their Masters Programme and other bespoke workshops. Lloydette is also an active member of the OECD’s Environmental and Social Considerations Working Group for an important global ESG infrastructure related initiative; the Blue Dot Network.

Phone: +44 (0) 7932-940770

Email: lloydette.bai-marrow@gcmr.com

Julie Chua

Juliana Chua (“Julie”), a Singapore citizen, has had more than thirty years of experience working with global companies on a wide range of matters including immigration, vendor management, sensitive investigations and assisting companies in compliance certifications such as International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and American Shipmasters’ Association (ABS).

Julie began her career with the French company, Sedco Forex/Schlumberger, as part of the Operations, Technical and Quality Assurance department with responsibilities relating to the company’s daily operations global reporting system. Julie was also involved in preparing bulletins, alerts, e-docs and assisting with quality assurance ISO documentation.

Julie subsequently moved into Human Resources related work/management with Transocean where she became extensively involved in HR issues throughout the company’s Asia Pacific region. One of the most important operational and risk areas for Transocean, as well as the subsequent companies that Julie has worked for, is local country immigration and compliance. Julie for many years successfully managed ongoing immigration legislation/regulations matters and processes, including obtaining work passes, residency passes, family dependant passes, business travel visas, long term visit passes and seafarers’ formalities working onboard vessels and shipyards, in some of the highest compliance risk jurisdictions of the world.

Because of Julie’s strong focus on compliance, integrity and demonstrated commitment to confidentiality, Julie participated in key internal investigations, not only those relating to HR, but also fraud and anti-corruption. Julie also participated in required corporate and statutory audits (such as Sarbanes – Oxley), Controlled Self Audits (CSAs) and ISO related audits.

Julie’s frequent compliance focused HR related work included the development of localized easy to follow written compliance processes and training efforts to ensure employees and third-party vendors were complying with local laws and regulations. In addition, Julie has a significant amount of experience in setting up businesses in new jurisdictions.

Julie’s participation in country leadership teams and frequent cross functional interactions, gives her the knowledge, experience and sensitivity to help companies address business challenges in a thorough, effective and appropriate manner. Julie has particular interest in human and labor issues to ensure that those involved in a company’s business are involved in good conduct to support the continued advancement of humankind.

Julie is well versed in a number of company electronic management systems.

Phone: +65 9187 3817

Email: julie.chua@gcmr.com

Roberto N. P. di Cillo
São Paulo

Roberto N. P. di Cillo (“Roberto”) has been guiding domestic and international companies since 1992 in their efforts to mitigate and address a variety of business risks.  Roberto, who speaks four languages fluently, has particular expertise in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Roberto is an experienced legal and compliance advisor having run his own consulting business for the past 11 years.  Shortly after graduation from law school, Roberto joined one of Brazil’s largest law firms to handle complex environmental and real estate matters and then expanded into corporate governance. Later Roberto held in-house lead regional legal positions at subsidiaries of Transocean Inc. and the AES Corporation, two major global companies in different segments of the energy industry. Roberto also worked as a foreign attorney at a major U.S. law firm in Washington D.C.

In his different capacities over the years, Roberto worked in a wide variety of business environments often with increasing political and economic complexity.  Roberto addressed risks associated with business operations, M&A, privatization, importation, exportation and sale of oil and gas services vessels, along with public and private tenders and contracts.

Roberto was one of the first professionals in Brazil to implement a robust and global compliance program for subsidiaries of the AES Corporation in 2004-2005 to address fraud and anti-corruption risks and was highly involved in Transocean`s global compliance program and efforts.   He has also been actively involved in managing, conducting and supporting related audits and internal investigations in Brazil and several Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Roberto has been a frequent writer of compliance-related articles and presenter at compliance related webinars, seminars and lectures.

Phone: +55 (11) 98111-9753 

Email: roberto.dicillo@gcmr.com

Anne-Séverine Jacquot

Anne-Séverine Jacquot (“Anne-Séverine”), a French lawyer, has focused her distinguished career on international law, corporate law (including joint ventures and M&A) and compliance. 

After serving as a law clerk and associate at law firms with international practices, Anne-Séverine has spent more than a decade working in-house for global entities with significant legal and compliance responsibility in countries around the world.  Her most recent role involves ethics and compliance oversight at a global logistics and freight-forwarding company operating in over 100 countries many involving local partnerships.    

Anne-Séverine has addressed numerous challenging and complex business, legal and compliance issues in particular in countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and all regions of Europe.   She is particularly known for her passion and commitment to being a proactive leader, mentor, team player having strong influential skills and a proven track record of completing high value/profile tasks.    

For several companies, Anne-Séverine managed global compliance programs and fully understand what works and is effective in different types of organizations and regions of the world.  Ann-Severine also has a strong litigation background and has participated in highly sensitive reviews in high risk jurisdictions.   

Anne-Séverine speaks native French, has full professional proficiency in English and Spanish and basic reading proficiency in Portuguese.  She has also been a Senior Lecturer in business and company law at the Institut d`Administration des Entreprises Gustave Eiffel and spoken at international conferences on how to establish a culture of integrity in local jurisdictions.

Phone: +33 

Email: a-severine.jacquot@gcmr.com

W. Gregory Looser
Houston / New York

Gregory Looser (“Greg”) has spent over 25 years in governance, compliance, law and international business, building corporate cultures of sustainable and effective compliance.  Greg began his career with the international law firm of Bracewell, LLP, first in handling commercial litigation matters and later in corporate mergers, acquisitions, governance and securities matters.

Greg spent twelve years as a senior executive officer of one of the largest international offshore drilling companies, Pride International, Inc. (NYSE:PDE) (“Pride”), now Valaris plc (NYSE:VAL), helping lead a major turnaround of Pride’s culture and business as Senior Vice President and General Counsel, and later as Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, overseeing legal, compliance, governance and later global HSE, global supply chain, global IT, international governmental affairs, and quality services. Greg also acted as the Diversity, Equality and inclusion (DEI) Counsel for a large organization and led the creation of one of the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the oil and gas services sector over a decade ago.

While at Pride, Greg initiated and helped oversee a six-year investigation in cooperation with the SEC and DOJ – the largest of its kind at the time. Greg led Pride’s efforts spanning over 20 countries to build an entire new system and culture of compliance that resulted in the DOJ not requiring the typical court-appointed monitor, and the DOJ, for the first time in the history of FCPA related cases, terminating Pride’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement ahead of schedule.

Greg has served as Senior Advisor to Revelation, L.P., a highly specialized, multi-disciplinary team of business strategists, litigation scientists and compliance experts providing direction to Fortune 500 companies in complex matters that was founded by former US Attorney General Edwin Meese III and Stacy Taylor.  He has more recently been Co-Founder, Partner, Director, and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of Clarion Ventures, LLC after serving in the same capacities for Clarion Offshore Partners, LLC, a partnership formed with The Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX), one of the world’s largest private equity firms.

Greg serves on the Federal Judicial Evaluation Committee for the United States Federal District Courts for the State of Texas and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Over the years, Greg has been recognized by Law & Politics and Texas Monthly magazines as a Super Lawyer, the Best General Counsel Up and Comer by the Houston Business Journal and Magna Stella Award finalist by The General Counsel Forum.  Greg also serves in leadership capacities on several non-profit boards in education and healthcare.

Greg lectures at the Wharton School of Business and the Baylor University School of Law on corporate compliance and culture.  Greg is a frequent speaker on the topics of corporate and culture transformation, strategic leadership and sustainable legal and ethical compliance.

Phone: +1 (713) 291-9673 

Email: greg.looser@gcmr.com

Elaine Mays

Elaine Mays (Elaine) is an experienced Chief Compliance Officer, with a demonstrated pedigree in developing, implementing, and improving global compliance programs and working directly with senior executives and board members.

Elaine has been Chief Compliance Officer at three public companies; John Wood Group plc, Seadrill Limited and, most recently, ContourGlobal plc.  Prior to this, Elaine worked for two organizations who had government appointed independent monitors to oversee their compliance programs following settlements with US regulators in connection with violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Through her time spent in-house, Elaine has garnered a wealth of experience in the development and continuous enhancement of global compliance programs, including undertaking risk assessments, implementing risk based third party due diligence processes and conducting pre-acquisition compliance due diligence and post-acquisition integration. Elaine also has significant experience in creating and delivering tailored training for employees and business partners throughout the world, conducting compliance culture surveys, drafting and updating Codes of Conduct and other compliance-related policies and procedures. Elaine’s experience further includes overseeing whistle-blower “hotline” reports and conducting investigations, performing ongoing benchmarking against regulatory expectations, providing advice and updates to management and boards, and devising, tracking and reporting on Compliance Program KPIs.

Elaine has travelled extensively during her career, conducting training, due diligence, and investigations in countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Libya, Angola, Myanmar, Iran, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan, the UAE, as well as many European locations.

In addition to anti-corruption compliance, Elaine has experience in a broad range of compliance risk areas, including data protection, anti-trust, sanctions, and modern slavery.

Elaine has been a speaker at a number of ethics and compliance conferences and events. She holds a Law degree (LLB) and Diploma in Legal Practice (DLP) from Aberdeen University and a Masters degree (with Distinction) from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Phone: +44 (0) 7717 544988 

Email: elaine.mays@gcmr.com

Michael F. Munro

Michael F. Munro (“Mike”) has worked with global companies to address and manage a wide variety of compliance risks for over 30 years. Mike focused on risk identification as well as the implementation of compliance programs and systems to address such risks. Mike has also been involved in managing compliance related settlements with governments and has significant experience managing compliance obligations under Deferred Prosecution Agreements, Plea Agreements, Consent Decrees and government Monitorships

Joining the Dow Chemical Company in 1989, Mike held a number of positions focused on managing issues including anti-corruption, anti-trust, data privacy, trade controls and customs. At Dow, Mike was also involved in mergers & acquisitions, labor, employment, investigations and sustainability issues. In 2006, Mike joined Baker Hughes Oil and Gas as its Global Director of Compliance.

Mike later became Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Transocean Inc. During his tenure, Mike led the company through corruption related investigations in six countries which resulted in a three-year U.S. Department of Justice Deferred Prosecution Agreement. In addition, Mike led the compliance efforts for the five-year U.S. government settlement agreements relating to the 2010 BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon incident. To ensure compliance with the hundreds of individual obligations as well as facilitate real time tracking and reporting, Mike developed a comprehensive and highly automated compliance management system.

Mike subsequently became a partner at the international law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright in 2016 prior to becoming Chief Compliance Officer of Odebrecht Engineering & Construction (OEC), based in São Paulo, Brazil. As the first Compliance Officer of OEC, Mike developed and implemented the company’s new global compliance program. Mike was also extensively involved in addressing the public relations issues in numerous countries as a key spokesperson for the company.

In all his work, Mike has stressed the importance of implementing compliance programs that address a broad-range of compliance risks through the use of technology and embedding the program within the business operations. Mike is certified ISO 37001 Senior Lead Implementer and has promoted the use of easy-to-use management systems to address a variety of ESG issues. Regarding investigations, Mike has led investigations or risk audits in over 40 countries, on every continent.

Mike has been a leader in the global business integrity and anti-corruption effort working closely with large corporations and NGOs on sensitive matters around the world. In 2019, he was appointed to the Advisory Board of a new OECD initiative, “Trust in Business”. Mike was recently appointed to the OECD Executive Consultation Group that provides strategic insight and direction for the OECD’s role in a global ESG initiative; the Blue Dot Network. Mike is also a member of the OECD Transparency and Integrity Working Group for this important infrastructure related initiative.

Phone: +1 (713) 397-5722
Email: mike.munro@gcmr.com

Charles Monteith

Charles Monteith (Charlie) throughout his career has held a number of key compliance and investigation related roles. Charlie was a prosecutor with the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) for over 25 years involving the most-high profile corruption and fraud related investigations.  Charlie had been promoted to Head of Assurance which was his role when he left the SFO in 2011.

Charlie participated in the UK Law Commission’s Bribery Bill Advisory Group, which influenced the design of the 2010 UK Bribery Act, (Bribery Act) and was also on the Ministry of Justice’s Advisory Group that influenced the drafting of the Guidance on Adequate Procedures. Charlie drafted the SFO guidance on the Bribery Act as well as the Attorney General’s Guidance on Corporate Prosecutions.

Since leaving his role at the SRO, Charlie has advised many global companies on anti-corruption and fraud best international compliance practice, integrity, as well as the design and implementation of compliance programs.  Charlie has assisted in the formation of a corporate collective action group and is on the Ethic Intelligence’s Certification Committee where he has helped certify over 15 companies as complying with international best practice.

Charlie worked for the Basel Institute on Governance where he was Head of Legal and Cases for the International Centre for Asset Recovery until 2015.  Since that time Charlie has been acting as a compliance consultant for organizations and individuals and has recently been certified as an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor.  He has also just completed a review for the Department for International Development on the impact of UK corporate enforcement on UK corporates, including the impact on ABC processes, risk areas, due diligence, third parties, and employee incentives.

Phone: +44 (0) 1263-715683

Email: charlie.monteith@gcmr.com

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz has forty years of professional experience as a consultant, prosecutor, and lawyer with decades of experience in anti-fraud and anti-bribery and corruption (“ABC”) investigations and compliance efforts.  Mike has a proven track record for working with corporate clients across all industries and government agencies in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud, waste, abuse, and other misconduct.

Mike has worked in several global consultancies providing forensic investigative, transaction testing, and compliance-related services for almost twenty years, including with KPMG for fourteen years, and later with Control Risks and Kroll.  His multiple leadership roles at KPMG included coordinating the firm’s ABC services globally, leading the Forensic practice’s efforts in the public sector and being the inaugural leader of the firm’s crisis management services group.  Mike led KPMG’s anti-fraud programs and controls efforts for several years on the Louisiana Road Home Program, the $12 billion HUD CDBG-funded program to assist Louisiana homeowners after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Over his career, Mike led a team supporting the independent monitors appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), SEC and Brazilian regulators in their worldwide efforts to oversee a Brazil-based global petrochemical company as a result of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related corruption violations.  He also led numerous investigations, risk and programmatic gap assessments, third-party reviews, acquisition diligence and integrity diligence inquiries for publicly traded and other multi-national companies directly or through outside counsel.

His major engagements at KPMG, Control Risks and Kroll have included:  investigating alleged FCPA violations and performing transaction testing in India for a multinational industrial company; enterprise-wide ABC risk assessments for a top 10 global airline and top 10 global financial institution; post-acquisition ABC compliance and integration review in 10 countries for a Fortune 200 U.S. public company; pre-acquisition ABC diligence in EMEA and ASPAC for a leading global technology company; multiple investigations for a multinational major energy company that involved alleged employee misconduct; and being designated as an expert on alleged fraud and misconduct in a civil litigation matter seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Earlier in his career, Mike was an Assistant U.S. Attorney for 11 years in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas.  In addition to his other responsibilities, he was briefly a member of the Enron Task Force at its inception.  Before becoming a federal prosecutor, Mike was an in-house lawyer in the airline industry and a law firm-based civil trial lawyer for a combined 10 years.

Mike has a J.D. from Emory University School of Law and an A.B. in economics from Cornell University.  He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed Texas private investigator.

Phone: +1 (713) 392-8761

 Email: michael.schwartz@gcmr.com

Jonathan Shapiro
Washington DC

Jonathan Shapiro (“Jonathan”) is a seasoned compliance professional who specializes in all facets of corporate compliance, including compliance program design and implementation; compliance program testing; and making determinations regarding specific compliance programs and their suitability for purpose. Jonathan has been certified as an ISO 37001 Senior Lead Auditor.

He started the practice following a fifteen-year career at the World Bank Group (“WBG”), where he first conducted and managed complex fraud and corruption investigations at the WBG’s Integrity Vice Presidency, and thereafter functioned as the longest-serving Integrity Compliance Officer within the WBG’s Integrity Compliance Office (“ICO”).

Jonathan has intimate knowledge of the governance challenges related to the development agendas of multi-lateral development banks (“MDBs”),  the underlying conduct that leads to sanction by the MDBs, and, importantly, what it takes to ensure that sanctioned entities, be they large publicly-traded conglomerates or local small-to-medium-sized enterprises, have, by the end of the sanctions period, effectively implemented compliance safeguards that will ensure detection, deterrence, and remediation of the types of conduct giving rise to the sanction.

For the last half-decade, as a WBG Integrity Compliance Officer, Jonathan worked exclusively on compliance matters and the evaluation of integrity compliance programs, and collaboratively worked with dozens of companies seeking to adopt, improve, and effectively implement corporate compliance programs in order to earn removal from the WBG public Sanctions List.  Drawing on this deep reservoir of experience, he is able to efficiently evaluate a Company’s compliance program, assess whether it and its related relevant controls are suitable for purpose, and whether, as implemented, the Compliance Program satisfies the requirements of the policies and procedures of the organization by which it will be judged.

Jonathan is an active member of the OECD’s Investment Efficiency and Outcomes Working Group for an important global ESG infrastructure related initiative; the Blue Dot Network

Phone: +1 (917) 532-4259

 Email: jon.shapiro@gcmr.com

Adriana de Souza Coates

Adriana de Souza Coates (“Adriana”) has a broad international business background having significant experience in human resources (HR), training, operational leadership, marketing, business development and compliance.

Adriana has led HR functions in Latin America with a strong focus on the implementation of new processes and controls to ensure compliance with numerous and complex local legal requirements.  Adriana has experience in investigations and ensuring that allegations are addressed respectfully, fairly and thoroughly.

With her experience leading marketing and business development projects in high compliance risk jurisdictions, Adriana fully understands marketing related  potential exposures and has extensive expertise in understanding and evaluating potential business partners.  Adriana has also focused on the education and development of leaders with a focus on providing them with information and tools so that they can with credibility demonstrate high integrity tone-at-the top.

Adriana, a mechanical engineer, for over twenty years has used her education and wide range of job roles to assist organizations to effectively address compliance related challenges.  Adriana has demonstrated that with creativity, cross functional cooperation, standardized processes, comprehensive training and project management tools, large and small organizations can properly address compliance risks while continuing to expand their business success.

Adriana, fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish (and French conversational) has resided and worked in Latin America, Africa, Europe and is currently based in Dubai.

Phone: +971 (50) 384-7364

 Email: adriana.souza@gcmr.com

Guido van Drunen
San Francisco / Silicon Valley

Guido van Drunen is a forensic accounting expert, investigator and business strategist with decades of experience in high-profile governance, compliance and investigative work. His experience with compliance and ESG related matters include financial, environmental, HR, general governance and other unique engagements. He has conducted numerous assessments of compliance programs across industries for both large public entities government entities and small businesses. Valued for his integrity, Guido has adeptly avoided and managed crises, mitigated risk, and settled business disputes for organizations of all sizes. Combining analytical examination with financial acumen, Guido is skilled in building compliance programs that work and allow an entity to flourish and focus on its mission. A trusted advisor to executives and boards, he brings equitable resolutions to challenging situations through collaboration and effective communication.

As a partner at KPMG, Guido developed the firm’s forensics practice in the Pacific Northwest and Silicon Valley. Leading a large team responsible for investigating cases of fraud, abuse, intellectual property theft, and other illegal acts, he served a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to private individuals. In addition to managing the Western region’s forensics team, Guido served as the Global Forensics Lead for the Diversified Industrials and Technology business lines, generating additional revenue for the firm through client referrals. He was also a member of the KPMG Partnership Audit Committee.

Prior to his role at KPMG, Guido oversaw a $1B portfolio as the Director of Alternative Investments at The Dow Chemical Company. Developing a world-class due diligence methodology, he realigned investments, created protocols, and formalized reporting. He also founded the company’s asset protection and recovery department, leading a team of global investigators working to detect and deter fraud and other abuses.

Guido began his investigative career as a Customs Officer in the Port of Rotterdam and subsequently at the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand, starting as an Investigating Accountant and ultimately leading a team of 20 as the National Advisor on Investigations Policy. During his tenure, Guido was a committee representative, reporting to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet for strategy development to address white-collar crime. He was also selected as a New Zealand representative to the Financial Action Task Force, a global organization that developed and set strategy for the implementation of 40 United Nations recommendations related to money laundering.

The author of numerous articles and white papers, Guido is a recognized subject matter expert on topics such as fraud, money laundering, compliance, and private equity. He has been a featured speaker in various international and domestic settings as well as a guest lecturer for many academic institutions, including University of Washington, Washington State University, Seattle University, Western Washington University, and the Royal New Zealand Police College.

A former board member and observer of several venture-capital-backed technology and life sciences companies, Guido also served on the Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union Audit Committee. He is currently a volunteer board member for the San Jose Police Foundation.

Guido earned a Bachelor of Business Studies in Accounting and Finance, a Master of Business Studies, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from Massey University of New Zealand. He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Auditor, and a Certified Anti–Money Laundering Specialist. He speaks fluent English and Dutch as well as conversational German and Spanish.

Phone : +1 (206) 579 8107

Email : gvandrunen@gcmr.com